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Do you have school uniforms you’d like to sell?

Our site is free to use and is dedicated to linking families in Australia together to buy and sell secondhand school uniforms and school gear.

So if you have any secondhand uniforms ready to sell or if you are in need of particular items for the coming school year, take advantage of this site.

Upload your photos, place notices, browse the site and start trading – you never know, you might pick up a bargain.


What people are saying about us...

Thank you for the site. It was great. First time I have ever done this sort of thing. I sold a uniform quickly with a minimum of fuss and it went to a perfect buyer.

Old School Trading

Brilliant result…great set of gear purchased for the boys. Thanks!

share the preloved

Looking forward to using your site…such a great idea!

share the preloved

I read the article in the Advertiser about your site which is a fantastic idea.

Old School Trading

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